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You need to register your warranty online or via the post in order to activate the warranty for your stove. The appliance needs to be installed by a HETAS approved fitter and in accordance of Building Regulations to be valid. In the event you require a service engineer to inspect the appliance, a standard charge of €120 is payable prior to any inspection. Henley Stoves is not responsible for stoves which have been fitted incorrectly and it is up to you the customer to get the stove re-fitted in accordance with our manual. In the event the engineer finds a defect in the stove which warranted the service call, Henley Stoves will reimburse you the €120. Please note issues such as replacing fire rope, replacing the door handle, paint peeling, bricks cracking, etc., does not warrant a service call and can be easily done using the instructions in the manual. Our products are guaranteed for 5 years from date of purchase against any defect, flaw or imperfection. During this time, all parts judged defective by our warranty control department may be replaced in our workshops. Incidental costs of transportation and packing payable by the buyer.

There are a number of limitations to the guarantee.

  • Grates and parts directly in contact with the burning fuel are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Unfortunately we cannot offer a guarantee on the glass parts or fire bricks of our stoves.
  • Terms of the warranty. This warranty is only valid if:
  • The unit has been installed in accordance with the latest building regulations.
  • The chimney which services the stove is in accordance with the latest building regulations.
  • All installation instructions in the manual have been followed.
  • The stove is operated as described in the manual.
  • The stove is only used to burn fuel as described in the manual.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Any damage resulting from the use of fuel not recommended in the manual.
  • Parts which are damaged by external causes such as unadopted chimneys, thunderstorms, dampness, faulty plumbing, faulty fuel and mistreatment.
  • Specifications and design subject to change without prior notice. This manual does not engage the responsibility of Henley Stoves.
  • Any nuts or bolts of handles that become loose due to use or mistreatment
  • Body paint peeling due to stove being over-fired
  • Breakage of glass
  • If the appliance is not serviced on a yearly basis according to our manual

Please note for boiler stoves, please consult with a heating specialist to determine the correct BTU’s for your heating requirements. If you are experiencing an issue with the plumbing such as no hot water being pushed to the radiators, Henley Stoves can only offer advice. We can recommend an independent service engineer to determine if there is an issue with the stove or the plumbing. The service engineer will provide a detailed report outlining any issues (if any) at a cost to you for €350 (this fee may vary depending on location) which is prior to any inspection. If the report deems the stove at fault, Henley Stoves will refund you the cost. We strongly recommend only qualified HETAS approved plumber installers as unqualified installers will void your warranty.

All warranty claims will only be addressed when the Warranty Form below is completed and accompanied by the original dated proof of purchase and Stove Commissioning Checklist. All claims to be submitted to: info@henleystoves.com

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